Three Pigeons and A Wedding Present

We have made it without Brexit! Well, that is hubby and I, who celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary last month! When hubby and I first met in 1986 at the famous Queen concert, I don’t think either of us could have imagined celebrating 25 years of marriage many years later in sunny Gravesend!

skygardenWe made a decision to celebrate quite low key (you wouldn’t want to jinx it after 25 years, would you?) and enjoyed a nice meal at a fabulous venue in London. We decided not to swap cards or buy each other any gifts, however mother in law did insist on buying us a present, suggesting a bird table which we gratefully accepted as keen bird lovers.

So on the actual day of the anniversary, we made our way to the same Garden Centre that started off this blogging malarkey nearly two years ago, and chose a beautiful feeder, which we took home, filled up and eagerly started waiting for the arrival of the first wild bird visitors.

Except, there was no influx of wild birds, apart from three persistent pesky pigeons that were totally enjoying the new addition to the garden, running riot and swinging from the feeder trying to get to the food in any possible way.

As these three pigeons were scaring away other birds, we knew we had to get rid of them, desperately trying every trick in the book from opening the garden door, making loud noises, shouting, walking up to the feeder next to the pigeons, but nothing, absolutely NOTHING worked! Simultaneously, we could hear the wild birds in our front garden, too scared to visit the fancy gourmet station erected in our back garden!

“We have to do something!” hubby exclaimed, visibly upset by the fact that these little innocent sparrows and blue tits had not found the courage to visit our back garden. “What?” I asked, “Change our marketing strategy and tweet them?” I know, it was a dreadful attempt at a joke and little did I know that this was the thing that was going to tip my husband over the edge.

You see, later that night he arrived from the shops and secretly scurried his way past me into the kitchen and dining room. A few moments later I could hear the garden door open and a triumphant loud scream from husband: “It works! I got them!!”

Not quite sure what to expect, I ran into the dining room to find my husband, aged 55, standing with a huge childish grin on his face, cradling a newly purchased super soaker water pistol .

“I sprayed the pigeons and they flew away” he said with excitement that was truly audible in his trembling voice. And this is when son, aged 19, for the first time showed any interest in the ongoing pigeon drama, appearing in the room and looking at his father, not with pity, but with great admiration.

WaterpistolSo needless to tell, the two gentlemen I share the house with and who are supposed to behave like two mature adults, now at the first sight of any pigeons approaching the bird feeder, grapple over the super soaker and argue about whose turn it is to shoot at them with the gigantic water pistol.

Did I think this was what my life was going to end up like when I said “I do” at the altar 25 years ago? No, but at least I can’t complain that my husband has stopped surprising me!

However, I do think I should have told my mother in law to buy a water pistol as a wedding present instead, it would have saved her a few pennies.

Love and peace to everyone!


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