When a Killer Calls

What would you do if a murderer knocked on your front door at ten o’clock at night? Well, we let him into our house, lent him a golf flight bag and wished him a good holiday. You see, at that time, we didn’t know he was a killer. He was just a fellow member at our local Golf Club.

Neither did we know when he was driving a minicab and used to pick me up in London after late night work functions. I used to sit in the back of his cab and we used to chat for the hour it used to take to drive to Gravesend, driving through ill lit, dark streets of London, way past midnight.night-garden

I was never scared, I never feared for my life, so imagine my shock when 15 years later I learned that the man was a murderer. It was all over radio and TV, not to mention the newspapers. He had killed his wife, pretended that she had gone away and buried her body under the patio.

This made me think, what makes a person a killer? You see, I have several times over the last 25 years threatened to kill my husband. Likewise, I’m sure he would have preferred me dead at times. But reality is that as much as your spouse can drive you mad at times, we don’t really MEAN it! Like when your husband fills the laundry basket up with dirty clothes just after you have finished the week’s laundry and you think: “I could kill that man!” But you are not going to fetch the arsenic and put it in his tea, are you?

One thing is for sure, with my paranoid personality and dodgy shoulder, I won’t be committing murder very soon. I would be absolutely convinced Columbo or the “Silent Witness” people were onto me and how would I even be able to move and dispose of a body with my dodgy shoulder? And lastly, known as the biggest blabbermouth in South East England, I would probably give the game away after a few glasses of Pinot Grigio!

I can just imagine a summer garden party, with drinks flowing whilst the guests are wondering if hubby is away abroad as not attending and me giggling hysterically: “Yep, he’s gone Down Under”.summerparty-garden-3

No it’s not going to happen. But I like to threaten him at times still, and at the end of the day he knows I love him!

Love and peace to everyone and stay safe!


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