Funny Songs and Funerals

Have you chosen your funeral songs yet? I have!

This week I went to a beautiful funeral of a fellow Finn expat who had reached the mature age of 93. The service was lovely, but what really tipped me over the edge was the choice of music, and when the choir started singing the Finlandia Hymn by Sibelius I turned into a blubbering mess and knew immediately that I would have to add that to my own funeral playlist!finlandia-hymn

I love the fact that in Britain you can choose your own music and it doesn’t have to be religious. In Finland that’s not possible and when my father died 13 years ago, the church refused to play his favourite song “What a Wonderful World” in the chapel, as it was deemed not suitable, neither on their official playlist of dignified songs.

Here in Britain however, you can have almost any song played! I have been to funerals with “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin being played, as well as the person’s favourite punk song! You can also have a bit of a laugh with the mourners after you’ve died, as we found out at one funeral we attended….as when the coffin left the crematorium the Gracie Fields song “Wish Me Luck When You Wave Me Goodbye” blared out of the loudspeakers! Apparently the gentleman who died, had planned it all when terminally ill, and had even asked for the song “C’mon Baby Light My Fire” to be played but at that point the crematorium ceased to see the funny point and had refused his request!

So, as a massive Queen fan, I have always made it clear to both son and hubby that I want my last song at my funeral to be Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever”. I had been tossing between that song or another Queen song, “The Show Must Go On” which came a good second. Hubby again, as a massive West Ham fan, has always said he wants the West Ham anthem “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles” to be played at his funeral.

That just leaves son, who many years ago at the young age of 7 decided to take part in the funeral conversation and announced that he wanted his favourite song to be played at his funeral.  The only problem is that he hadn’t quite thought of the lyrics when he announced it….

“Final Countdown” by Europe……

Actually quite fitting for a funeral but let’s hope none of these songs will be played any time soon!

Once again, love and peace to everyone and look after yourselves!


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  1. Sartenada says:

    Few years ago my wife could not select the song of her mothers funeral. She and her mother loved the song: “Maa on niin kaunis”. The organist did not accept. 🙂 This is Finland.


  2. I’m sorry to hear that, that is so sad! Especially as “Maa on niin kaunis” is quite a sombre and dignified song which could almost be a hymn!!!

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  3. Satu Salmi says:

    At my mother’s funeral in Finland, a family friend sang “Maan korvessa kulkevi lapsosen tie”, accompanied by the organist. At father’s funeral, the organist played “Finlandia”. Alas, no choir.

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