Back Spasms and Dirty Phone Calls

Sitting in the Physiotherapy waiting room at my local hospital last week made me think how lucky I am to “only” have a shoulder problem. I have no broken bones, or even worse, I have not got a severe back problem.

I had never appreciated how painful and life debilitating a back problem can be, until I some years ago got to experience it first hand.tilbury-powerstation-at-sunset

I can vividly remember the morning, which started like any other normal morning with me getting up for work. I showered, applied my make up and still wearing only my underwear, had started drying my hair. This is when I suddenly felt the most excruciating pain in my back and my ribcage seemed to push on my lungs, preventing me from breathing properly. I screamed out in pain, which made son jolt into our bedroom, only to find me doubled over partly screaming partly sobbing. Realising this was not his mother pulling some prank as per usual but actually serious, son alerted hubby. Immediately understanding that I was struggling to breathe hubby then shouted to son: “ Get mum’s bra off, get mum’s bra off” and my poor son, who must have been only 12 at the time, got his first lesson in how to remove a ladies bra. I apologise for that experience and sincerely hope I did not scar him for life.

So there I am, doubled over, wearing only my knickers, with half of my hair straight, half frizzy, my mascara run all over my face from sobbing and my tits flapping around when hubby says: “I think we need to get you to hospital” and instead of thinking that yes, maybe I could get help in a hospital, all I could think was “Looking like this?”

As it was, the pain eased a little bit later and now me wearing a dressing gown, hubby somehow managed to get me downstairs, where he rang my work and stayed with me for a few hours until he was happy to see that although I was still in pain from what we now know was a back spasm, I could at least breathe.

Satisfied I was going to cope by myself, his last words before leaving for work were:” Call me if you can’t breathe”.

Excuse me? I’m still not sure how his logic worked there, as I could just imagine him picking up the phone at work and hearing me pant down the line, thinking it was a dirty phone call and telling me off: “Not now darling, I’m at work”

Damn, I should have tried it…Well, maybe next time….Actually no, I never want to feel that pain again!

Love and peace to everyone!

The Thames at Gravesend at sunset

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