Shoulder Problems and Sexy Physios

Why do the simplest things in life always become embarrassing when I’m involved?

Firstly, I am happy to report that I am still here in Gravesend, despite the fact that most of my blog readers probably thought that I had been deported based on my last blog post! And I will continue to live my life as per normal until someone tells me anything different.

Well, when I say normal, nothing in my life really is normal, and on top of that, I’ve started to have some health problems again. Unfortunately the extremely painful shoulder problem I had in 2014 (In Sickness and in Health) has re occurred, this time in my other shoulder. On the positive side, none of the other health problems have returned and this time we are acting faster with the injured shoulder, which means that I have started Physio sessions last week!

13918613_10154408564113679_350647749_o (2)I am most pleased that we have been able to start them this quickly, and even more pleased these sessions are at a different hospital than last time and with a different young man. “Was he not competent in his job?” asked my best friend when I confided in her. “Oh no”, I replied flustered, “it’s just that he was so good looking that it was rather criminal!”

Yes, there I was in 2014 in utmost pain, when the most handsome 26-year old bloke turned up at the Physiotherapy Department of the area hospital and called my name….and from there on it all went downhill. I totally forgot that I was double his age and giggled nervously when he asked me an array of health questions. “Do you have night sweats?” he asked politely, with my mind already racing ahead thinking that he would most definitely make me sweat at night time! Then I suddenly realised that he was trying to ask me if I was menopausal because to him I was an OLD lady! So there I was, rolling my panting tongue back into my mouth and trying to act the age I was and not the age I wanted to be!

If you think that is bad, can you imagine getting a deep tissue massage from him? Seriously, this was meant to relax me, but all I could think of was that I haven’t been touched like this by a 26-year old bloke for a long time and hopefully I wasn’t going to leave a damp patch on the bench!!!

So now you see why I was most pleased to put the events of 2014 behind me and meet my new, less attractive Physio at my local hospital. Nothing was going to go wrong this time and I was definitely going to be able to control my unpredictable menopausal hormones.

Except as per normal, I could not control my mouth. Everything went well with all the medical questions until the Physio asked me if I was on steroids, to which I for some reason decided to crack the joke: “Oh no! I’m not part of the Russian Olympic team!”

Yep. He laughed politely but I could see him write in his notes “Crazy Finnish menopausal woman”

It’s happening again. I must stop this!!!



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  1. Suvi says:

    What a hilarious post! It reminds me of the time I went to a physiotherapist to check out my fitness level. The therapist wasn’t attractive in any way and possibly around 5 years younger than me. I was sweating like crazy and trying to do the exercises needed to assess my fitness. Anyway, my red face and huffing and puffing didn’t put him off. Oh no. Quite the contrary. He actually asked me out on a date as I was leaving!! Thankfully I was able to say I was married and never went back for the follow up visits, LOL!!


  2. Thanks Suvi, now your story really is a funny one!!! Maybe he thought you were “fit” enough for him! 🙂


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