Superheroes and Sangria

You know when people talk about their strange neighbours and you suddenly realise that you must be the token “strange neighbour” on your street. And no, it’s not just because I’m Finnish and we have odd customs or because we have a pet parrot that makes our house look like a cannabis factory…it’s because of all the things that have happened over the years…

Like when we were celebrating son’s 5th birthday and he had requested a Superhero themed party. We adults duly adhered and also dressed up, just to make the day more special for him. The food was cooked, the cake was baked and the garden was all nicely set up with tables and chairs, when for some reason we all decided to have a look at the front of the house. And that is when our front door slammed shut, 15 minutes before the party. We were locked out of our own party and guests were going to start arriving any minute.

Panic nearly took over, when I suddenly realised what to do. We had left the back door to our garden open, so all I had to do, was to somehow get into our garden, enter through the garden door, walk through the house and open the front door to let everyone in!

So this is when I decided to ring our neighbour’s doorbell, dressed as Action Woman, to ask them if they would allow me to climb over their fence into our garden. I think they were too shocked to say no and the husband went to fetch a stepladder so I could climb over, all whilst my child, husband and mother-in-law are standing outside the house, in broad daylight, dressed as Batman, Robin and Cat Woman.

Batman blog
Batman and Robin in our garden


Like this wasn’t bad enough, I had made some home made Sangria to serve our adult guests, but as a true Finn I had laced it with vodka. Having made it back into our house and with the party in full swing, I offered some Sangria to our neighbours, who after drinking it, fell asleep in their garden and got sunburnt! Ouch!

But could it get any worse? Yes, the following year it did. For our son’s 6th birthday we decided to take him to the cinema. After the cinema son was playing football in the garden when I saw him chatting to the lady next door over the fence. She looked a bit shocked and walked away, but I didn’t think anything of it. Of course, with hindsight, I should have asked son exactly what he had told the lady about our cinema visit, but then hindsight is a beautiful thing….

A couple of weeks later, I happened to bump into our neighbour who looking a bit concerned asked me: “Sorry, but can I ask you what film you went to see at the cinema for your son’s birthday?” “Yes of course you can” I said cheerfully, “We went to see Jungle Book, because he loves Baloo (one of the characters). Why are you asking?” The lady looked visibly relieved, shaking her head. “It’s just that your son told me you took him to see a Blue Movie”.

Of course what he meant to say was a “Baloo movie” but with a Scandinavian mother, I think our neighbour might have jumped to conclusions! Thank God they didn’t call social services!!!

We have hosted many birthday and Christmas parties since, with a variety of strange things happening, but I’ll leave those stories for another day! Now I’ve got to concentrate on the next big party, son’s upcoming 18th and I have to admit, I’m already dreading what is going to happen at that party and what our neighbours will say!!!!

Wish me good luck!


My garden
Our garden on a normal summer’s day

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