The Moomins and Paolo Di Canio

Some people may not agree with me, but I have always been open with hubby about my “secret crushes” on other men. And before you get worried, can I just reassure you that these crushes are on a few and selected famous and unobtainable men and not on a random chap next door!

We actually sometimes play a game with hubby which we find quite funny, where you have to confess your crush to your partner.However at this point I feel the need to point out that if you are going to play this game, confessing to having a crush on your other half’s best friend, sister or brother is not a good move, so please keep it to famous people!

All my friends in Finland as well as hubby have always been aware of the fact that I had a massive crush on Queen’s drummer Roger Taylor as a teenager. And I have to admit that even though his looks are not quite what they used to be, with him now resembling Santa Claus more than a rock star, I do still have a soft spot for him. And in all fairness, my looks aren’t quite what they used to be either, with me slowly starting to resemble a Moomin with a big belly and a double chin, so why should I expect him to still have long blonde flowy hair instead of grey hair and a beard?

Paolo Di CanioHubby also knows that my other “secret crush” is on Paolo Di Canio, the charismatic and controversial bad boy Italian footballer who used to play for West Ham United. I actually once dreamt I was his girlfriend and when I woke up I excitedly told hubby about my dream, who kindly suggested that my dream most probably would have been Paolo Di Canio’s worst nightmare….Yep well, that’s what over 20 years of marriage does to you…

Now, whilst I might secretly be fantasising about being Paolo Di Canio’s girlfriend or having an affair with Roger Taylor, I also know that would never happen. And that’s ok. Because when I lie in bed at night, wearing my Mickey Mouse pyjamas and stripy bed socks, I realise that I would be no good as a glamorous trophy wife and that I’m quite happy with myself and my life as it is.

moomin-moominmamma--moominpappaI also realise, as we are lying there in bed at night with hubby, side by side with our expanding waistlines, more and more resembling Moomin Mamma and Moomin Pappa, that hubby still loves me, and when he turns off the light, he can hopefully at least still remember the size 8 blonde woman he once married!

“You know the only man I would ever leave you for is Paolo Di Canio” I reassured hubby some time ago, both of us knowing fair well that Paolo Di Canio wasn’t going to come knocking for me.

“That’s alright” said hubby, a lifelong West Ham fan “I can categorically tell you that he’s the only man I would ever leave you for!”

And there I was thinking there were no secrets in our marriage! Let’s hope Paolo Di Canio doesn’t turn up in Gravesend as he might have a hard choice to make!



Paolo Di Canio photo credit Alan Walker, Moomin image credit



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