In Sickness and in Health

Not all of you know this, but last year was a bad year. Actually it was a shit year. I spent so much time at different hospitals that if they’d had a loyalty programme, I would have earned enough points for a trip to Timbuktu.

Enjoying life to the full at The Shard!
Enjoying life to the full again at The Shard!

But sometimes when bad stuff happens, it makes you reflect and realise some very important things. Firstly, there are other people out there who have got far worse things going on in their lives! Secondly, it’s not a good idea to “protect” friends and family from what is going on, as at some point it will be too much to handle on your own and you will need to rely on their support. And lastly, if I didn’t realise it before, we have an absolutely brilliant National Health Service (NHS) in Great Britain! And best of all, it is totally free.

So to make it simple, I thought I’d list the procedures I went through and how well I was looked after by the NHS last year!

This is what I had done;

  • Two steroid injections and eight physio sessions for my frozen shoulder, including seeing a shoulder specialist (all FREE)
  • One biopsy, a referral to a skin specialist and one operation to remove skin cancer from my leg (all FREE)
  • Several heart tests, including an Ajmaline test where you are hooked up to a defibrillator in case you have a heart attack during the test! (all FREE)
  • A heart MRI at Guy’s Hospital in London and several visits to see a cardiologist (all FREE)
  • One investigative pelvic ultrasound scan (FREE)
  • As a result of something seen on the heart MRI – a referral to the Breast Cancer Unit, mammograms and a visit to a specialist (all FREE)

And on top of this, when I sat crying in my doctor’s office, exhausted from everything that was going on, with the constant pain in my shoulder affecting my everyday life, not being able to work, drive or sleep properly, he offered to put me forward for some counselling, for FREE!

“Well”, said hubby commenting on all my ailments last year, “if you were a race horse, you would have been put down by now”. I wonder if that would have been for FREE as well?

So as you can see, my tax money in Great Britain is being well spent! Oh, and I forgot to mention that any medicines you need, you only pay a £8.20 prescription charge, regardless of how expensive the medicines are.

And just in case you are wondering – I’m feeling great again and enjoying life to the full!

Having a pub lunch in Camden!

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  1. Sirkka Goodhind says:

    I went through something similar about five years ago. I was treated promptly, efficiently and with great after-care by the local NHS heroes after discovering after a routine private health check (part of my benefits package at work) that I had breast cancer. I had my op two weeks after the biopsy, just one night in hospital, great after-care from the visiting breast care nurses followed by a course of radiotherapy and referral to a local charity which provided a free 5 week package of acupuncture, a session with a nutritionist, endless opportunities to talk and share my fears and tears (the latter not fully utilised as I am lucky to have some very good friends and colleagues who were a tremendous support). Five years on tamoxifen and aromastase inhibitors, I have now been given the all-clear and will just have annual check-ups. Phew!


    1. Thank you for sharing your story and experiences, I am so happy for you that you have been given the all clear. The NHS does get criticised far too harshly in my opinion!


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