Oslo is not in Finland!

You’re from Finland?  I’ve been there, nice place – Oslo.

I get the fact that not everyone knows where Finland is or what the name of the capital is, but what annoys me is when people start telling me their incorrect facts, so I have mastered a cunning plan (as Baldrick would say!) to counteract this!

My Finnish friend' s summer cottage
My Finnish friend’ s summer cottage

Quite often people seem to be confused about the Scandinavian countries and think it’s a bit like Great Britain.  As an example, people can’t seem to remember if I’m Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish, and rather than apologise when they get it wrong, they simply say “same thing”.

Well no, it is not the same thing; we speak different languages and have different currencies as a starter, not to mention history and culture! So, when confronted by this in England, I normally reply by saying: “Oh, you Scottish people are so funny”. When the dumbfounded English people correct me, telling me they’re not Scottish but English, I reply back: Same thing isn’t it?”

Helsinki Railwaystation
Helsinki Railway Station

I also get people telling me they’ve been to Finland and liked the capital Oslo very much.  Just as a reminder, Helsinki is the capital of Finland, it was founded in 1550 and has been the capital since 1812. Tired of the confusion, I now reply to people stating they like Oslo: “Oh really, that’s nice to hear.  They must have changed the name since I moved away, it used to be called Helsinki when I lived there.”

Lastly, if you really want to annoy me, presume that all Finnish people are fluent in Russian. I actually feel sorry for the last gentleman who “told” me that all us Finns spoke Russian. The poor man was retreating backwards after I told him that my father was a war veteran, shooting down Russian planes during World War II, ensuring that no Finn would ever “have to” learn Russian.

So there you go, my three pet hates or “misunderstandings” people have about Finland. But do you know what? If you don’t know, it is ok to ask! I love talking about my country and educating people about it, so please just ask me and I will probably bore you to death with my stories about Finland!

Love and peace to everyone!


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  1. Sartenada says:

    Great post. Well, when I had to learn geography! First, I learned Helsinki, then Finland and finally the world geography. For example, we had to know to list all towns starting from Kemi on the Western coast. I just wonder what people are learning in schools today in Finland and in other countries. Would not it be nice know our world! 🙂


    1. Thank you – glad you liked it! It’s ok not to know, I myself don’t know the capital cities of every country in the world! But I will apologise for my ignorance and ask the person, rather than telling them a wrong fact about their country! 🙂

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  2. Helena Halme says:

    I’ve lost count of the amount of times when a Brit has found out I’m Finnish and they’ve told me they’ve visited Norway. ‘That’s nice for you,’ I now reply and a few people get the sarcasm (but still not all). Great post.


    1. Glad you liked the post! I’ve even had people have a go at me because of whaling….and then they looked at me dumbfounded when I told them there are no whales in the Gulf of Finland!


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