Addicted to Solar Lights

How do you define an addiction? I think I’m addicted to solar lights. All the signs are there.

It started a few years ago, when I decided that our wooden garden swing would look great in the dark if it had some solar lights wrapped around the frame. I love my swing, as it reminds me of my childhood in Finland, so naturally I wanted to emphasize this magnificent piece of garden furniture, displaying my heritage.

Did I choose stylish clear lights? Of course not! I elected to buy multicoloured colour changing lights that now twinkle at the bottom of my garden every night. Fair enough. Hubby approved as he knew how much I loved my swing. That is what you do in a multicultural marriage; you accept your other half’s “funny little things”.

Some of my selection of solar spike lights
Some of my selection of solar spike lights

Then a couple of years ago, I spotted some solar lights on spikes in the local pound shop. By the way, you might have noticed an emerging pattern here, I’m nowadays shopping in Lidl and pound shops like a true Gravesendian! Anyway, I decided to buy a selection of these marvellous affordable lights to dot around my plant pots.

But this year I think my addiction has spiralled out of control. I have discovered another “affordable” shop, Dunelm, a homeware shop, where I earlier this year bought a selection of new bed linen for our house. Dream of my delight, when I discovered that they do a vast range of garden items, including solar lights!

So like a true addicted person, I drove to Dunelm without telling my husband and purchased some items.  I bought another set of multicoloured string lights (this time not colour changing!) that I wrapped around a bush at the bottom of the garden, a set of clear bird shaped string lights that I wrapped around a bush near the patio as well as a solar light topiary plant for the patio. I snuck them all out, set them up and hid the boxes, waiting excitedly for dusk to fall.

What was I thinking? Did I not think hubby was going to notice them? Of course he did.

“Bloody hell!” hubby exclaimed that night. “It looks like we’ve got a fairground in our garden! Oh, wait!  I think I can see a man selling popcorn at the back of our garden!”

Of course there was no popcorn seller, but I think I might have taken it a bit too far. I must stop. This time I can’t even blame my Finnish heritage.

My Finnish Fairground
My Finnish Fairground

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Are you still in good terms with your neughbours? 😀
    PS. I also love dunelm mills 🙂


    1. Yes I am in good terms with them, but just about! If this addiction goes any further, I’m not so sure….

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ginny says:

    Hilarious. I have at least 35 color changing solar stake lights at my house. And that’s not including the solar string lights. It makes me so happy when I look out the window in the middle of the night. It’s nice to know there is another one like me out there.


    1. Thank you Ginny, good to hear solar lights make you happy as well! They look so nice when it’s dark! I’m definitely buying more this year, just have to hide them from hubby first! 😀


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