The Benefits of Being Between Jobs

Not all of you know this, but I am currently “between jobs” as they say. Yes, earlier this year I left my position as marketing manager for an organisation and I am now looking for “new opportunities” with fresh eyes.

It has been a good break in many ways.

Firstly, my frozen shoulder that gave me so much grief last year, has drastically improved and I can now move my arm behind my back again. This is excellent news when I need to undo my bra or in case I get arrested!

Secondly, everything runs like clockwork, which is something us Finns love. Dentists, plumbers and other appointments can be scheduled and met and even the house is much tidier as I am not constantly playing catch up with laundry, cleaning and food shopping!

Another unexpected bonus has been a bit more time for my married life. I should really have seen this coming, as a worry-free wife who has a lot more spare time is probably more appealing than the extremely stressed, tired and cranky one hubby normally deals with!

The only problem is that I have not developed psychic powers and I do sometimes venture out of the house.  Like the other day when I was out shopping and received a text from hubby saying: “Get your kit off, I’m on my way!” to which I texted him back: “I’m in Lidl, shall I wait until I get home?”

Needless to say, I returned to an empty house as the “moment” had passed. Well, there is always another day, maybe I should try a more upmarket supermarket in case it was Lidl that put him off?

The evidence
The evidence of my shopping trip!

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