Bluewater and Bed Linen

Marks and Spencer Nightdress
The Marks and Spencer Nightdress

I recently met up with one of my good friends in Bluewater, a huge shopping mall with over 300 shops and 60 restaurants, conveniently situated less than 10 minutes drive from our house in Gravesend.

We met up for a wonderful  breakfast of Eggs Benedict in Cafe Rouge and ended up chatting away for nearly 3 hours before heading for a quick round of the shops. As a keen shopper, that normally means some of my hard earned money being handed over to a variety of shops, but on this occasion I am pleased to report that I was a mere spectator. You see, a few months ago, I had decided to spend some money on updating the bed linen in our house instead.  I had indeed bought some lovely turquoise bed linen with bold fuchsia roses on for our bedroom and some other pretty ones for our spare bedroom.

We had nearly come to the end of our round when there I was, in the middle of Marks & Spencer with my friend, when I felt the urge to spend. I had suddenly spotted a nightdress that looked suspiciously familiar! It was turquoise with fuchsia roses, exactly the same pattern as my new bed linen! In fact, they had a whole range of sleepwear, including dressing gowns, pyjama tops and bottoms, and all in the same pattern!  I must admit that I felt very tempted at that point, but soon realised that me matching our bed linen was quite a ridiculous thought, so I walked away.

“Did you buy anything?” hubby asked me later that night when I was recapping the entire 3 hour conversation I’d had with my friend in the cafeteria. I told him about the nightdress in Marks & Spencer.

“You should have bought it!” he exclaimed, “It could have been hours of fun in the bedroom!”

Now, I know they say that bedroom games can spice up your married life, but I’m not sure trying to find your wife camouflaged in her nightdress amongst matching bed linen is one of those games…correct me if I’m wrong….

Bed linen
My new bed linen

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  1. kaari3 says:

    Loved it! No money spend and husband still excited from the plain thought of the night gown 🙂


    1. Thanks, yes it could have been a win/win situation!


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